A successful seminar at the Domaine du Bouloy!


You wish to carry out a seminar in Burgundy in the Yonne 89 the Domaine du Bouloy is at your disposal to make you an estimate according to the seminar which you wish.

The Domaine du Bouloy has different spaces specially adapted to the configuration of your seminar in Burgundy.

Carry out your seminar in the Yonne in Burgundy in a pleasant and relaxing setting with total privatization for your company, a guarantee of tranquility.

You will find at the Domaine du Bouloy all the necessary infrastructures for the success of your seminar in Burgundy in Yonne at correct rates.

The Domaine du Bouloy is located near Auxerre and can accommodate about twenty people in guest rooms.

The Domaine du Bouloy can help you realize your tailor-made seminar according to the number of people you want to welcome and the different options you want according to your schedules and obligations.

Close to historical monuments, the Domaine du Bouloy is a pleasant place where you can relax without being disturbed.

The privatization of the Domaine du Bouloy is possible.

With the Domaine du Bouloy the organization of a seminar from 10 to more than 100 people is possible.

Contact us and let’s talk about it in order to find the solution you are looking for at a price that takes into account your budget.